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Spouse Cheating

Spouse Cheating
Having suspicions about your partner or spouse is never good. It can keep you awake night after night. The questions you ask yourself are "Is my partner or spouse cheating?", "How do I know they are cheating?", and "What do I need to do to prove they are cheating?", "How do I make sure I am not caught find out about their affair?", "What evidence do I need?". The worst thing is not knowing! It is important that you follow them for at least a week because in our experience people that are having an affair do not see their lover every day, and many see them only once a week e.g. your partner may say they have to work late or going to the gym every Tuesday but in fact they are seeing their lover. You may ask "What if I follow them and I find they are not going where they say they are going. Does this prove they are having an affair? Our answer is no. It shows they are lying but not that they are cheating. GRS Investigator have had cases in the past where a partner was organizing a secret event, such as a surprise party, and this was the reason for lying. GRS Investigator can simply find the truth by means of vehicle tracking.
Once you have proved that your partner to not going where you expect the next step is to find out what they are saying and to whom. The two main ways which people having an affair is by phone and email. GRS Investigator have found people having an affair will contact their lover at the first "safe opportunity" they have in a day. So what are these "safe opportunities"? GRS Investigator will investigate a cheating partner and supply evidence of the infidelity in the relationship.
Is it devious to find out the truth behind the cheating partners back? GRS Investigator ask “Why would you need GRS Investigators?”
If there are signs of a cheating partner or you know for definite there is another person in the relationship, why not just quit the relationship and start again? Is it ethical to employ GRS Investigator if you suspect your partner is being unfaithful?
Professionally employing GRS Investigator if someone suspects their partner is cheating, until you are in that particular situation with nowhere else to turn to (who can you speak to about this? - especially men, as a large percentage of woman will share their problems with friends where as males would be more reluctant in these situations, possibly down to male bravado...
Why would it benefit someone to employ a company like GRS Investigator to check on there partners activities?
So they can move on in the relationship - closure
I know it's a cliche - but it is the not knowing that hurts the most
So they can tackle the situation head on, and try to sort out what exactly went wrong in the relationship and try to resolve the problem - it can be done....
Money!! Unfortunately true, sometimes there is substantial assets and money involved - private investigators can be produce highly evidential/ admissible evidence in court/ divorce proceedings.
To prove to the clients or the unfaithful partners family the truth about the relationship - (very important in Asian relationships)
And last but not least to prove to the unfaithful partner they have been caught! Most cheating partners who are having an affair will swear to they are blue in the face they are faithful and it's just in the other persons head (paranoia)
So the big question would be - If you suspect infidelity in a relationship then obviously their is no trust, why not just move on? This would seem the easiest option but for most people if there isn't actual evidence and not just a suspicion or a confession, there would always be a doubt of whether or not the signs were true or not - did I finish a relationship for no reason?
Many spouses from time to time may have concerns that their "significant other" may be unfaithful. It is always a touchy subject when the issue of a cheating spouse arises. At GRS Investigator our professional investigators have superior training in handling matters of domestic infidelity. Whether you feel that your spouse is in a physical relationship with another person, or a virtual relationship with someone on the Internet, GRS Investigator team can investigate your concerns and work closely with you to provide the needed security and support if/when these issues occur.
Using private investigating experts and former federal and state agents, GRS Investigator can assist in identifying the truth of the cheating spouse and aid in litigation preparation. GRS Investigator work closely with our clients to analyze their situation and to recommend the best procedures. Our team of specially trained agents also works with your legal council and will testify during trials about their discoveries during their investigations.
Contact GRS Investigator today to learn more about how GRS Investigator can serve you. GRS Investigator provides discreet private eye services to find out if your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating. Our GRS Investigator can track your partner’s movements, perform covert surveillance and capture clear evidence. GRS Investigator can also provide full reports and video evidence depending on your needs.
GRS Investigator are trained and accredited, and fully understand the sensitive nature of private investigations for cheating and adultery. Every customer is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality, and all our investigations are carried out discreetly and efficiently. Unfortunately, people can be deceived by prospective boyfriends or girlfriends, whether in person or in online relationships. Perhaps you have met someone special but you want to make sure, or maybe you are concerned about a loved one’s new internet relationship.
Our GRS Investigator provide thorough and efficient background checks, including criminal record searches, to shed light on your subject’s past. If needed GRS Investigator can also provide a complete written report so you can read the facts clearly. Our GRS Investigator private eyes also provide criminal record background checks to businesses for employment pre screening. Warning signs Indicates of a cheating Spouse
A man or woman that drives alone to work will call once he or she is in the car.
A father or mother that drops the children at school will call their lover as they drive back from school.
A housewife or househusband will call as soon as the house has emptied in the morning.
A man or woman will email their lover at anytime in the day while they "pretend" to work or organize the family holiday in the evening.
You now know that they are going place you did not expect and saying things you do not like. The last step is to get photographic evidence. The best way to do this is to use our surveillance service. GRS Investigator will be extremely discreet and because you have used vehicle tracking and listening devices this will make it simple and more cost effect to collect all the photographic evidence that you need.
If you suspect your Spouse is cheating/ Husband or wife is a cheater our infidelity investigators can help you.
If your spouse is cheating or your boyfriend/ girlfriend is cheating there are various ways that you can tell.
Sometimes its just instinct that tells you your spouse is cheater, fortunately there are more than 10 signs of a cheater.
One question GRS Investigator get all the time is how do GRS Investigator catch a cheater? There are a number of ways to catch a cheating spouse, the signs of a cheating husband or wife, girlfriend/ boyfriend can be found in our signs of an affair/ cheating spouse page where GRS Investigator list some the possible signs that your partner may be unfaithful to you. Does your cheating spouse have a sudden increase in time away from home, you, and or the kids, and home life?
Is your cheating spouse suddenly been having a Decreased sexual interest with you or you notice they are pulling back sexually?
A Cheating spouse is often distracted, seems disinterested in home life.
Your potential cheating spouse is often “unavailable” while at work or won't return your calls or not in a timely fashion.
Sometimes a potentially cheating spouse may attend new functions outside of work and does not invite you.
Telephone and Cell phone calls from you are not returned in timely fashion or not at all. Times they just disappear
A potentially Cheating spouse leaves home or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone and avoids you or is very secretive
Your spouse may use computers alone and secretly and shuts it down when you walk in.
A potentially cheating spouse's clothes smell of perfume or cologne or something different
Does your spouse gets his or her laundry done away from home and in secret? Are there unexplained payments or debits/credits on bank statements or credit card statements.
Suddenly a cheating spouse may have more cash on hand without accountability or less than expected
When checking phone records, a cell phone bills contain calls with long duration or short quick ones
A Cheating wife or husband has unexplained receipts that cannot be accounted for. One thing a Cheating spouse may have is suspicious phone voice-mail messages or text messages
A potentially cheating spouse may be suddenly deleting e-mail messages or acting very suspicious when you come in the room.
If you have any doubts, please call or email. GRS Investigator hold any information in a private, and confidential manner.

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